Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gilbert Peach Festival

My orchard peach purchase. They are not ripe yet. I hate waiting for fruit to ripen....I want instant gratification when it comes to fruit.
Apparently she didn't like the country music.....I told her it's bad
Scarlett happy to have found some shade and get a clean diaper

Today the wives in our office attended the Gilbert, South Carolina Peach Festival. It offered a variety of vendors, bands, carnival rides and and of course an abundance of peachy items such as peach ice cream, drinks, bbq sauce, cider, and of course fresh orchard peaches. I will say that I enjoy good carnival fare and I do not hesitate to eat corn dogs, fries and the like when I attend one. It eased my conscience a little that the food at this event was at least made with fruit.
Scarlett was well-behaved for the most part. She probably preferred to be napping in her crib at home instead of being torched under the blazing hot, South Carolina sun and listening to a three-man country band singing "She keeps the home-fires a burnin.'"


Ligia said...

I know. I like ripe fruit too. But at least these weren't in a truck somewhere for hours. The ones at the bottom of my basket were riper than the ones on top for some reason. We started with those and now the rest are getting really juicy. :o) We weren't big fans of the music either.

Tyson and Courtney said...

I love Scarlett's plump little rubber band legs! She is such a doll! And I hope you will enjoy your ripened peaches over a big bowl of grape nuts and think of is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning since you introduced it to me nearly ten years ago at a sleepover at your house!

Maxmomma said...


Scarlet is adorable! I love that shot in the shade. I'm embarrassed that I didn't know you guys were in South Carolina! I know it's off to BYU again after this, so I guess it is just for summer. Have a wonderful time- you are an adorable mom.

Dinah said...

Can't I just give her chubby legs a squeeze?? She is beautiful!