Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Scarlett has always been partial to her daddy, but lately, as she's battled the flu, fever and a nasty cold, she's on a complete mommy-strike for some reason. Because Micah recently finished finals and has a little down time until his internship begins, Scarlett is just beside herself with the extra Daddy-time.
  • When I go to take her from Micah for whatever reason, I literally have to pry her from him as she wraps her little arms around his neck and clings to him for dear life.
  • Whenever we arrive home from an errand and walk through the front door, Scarlett immediately begins scavenging the house for her Daddy while calling out, "Dada, Dada," with the same inflexion as "Where are you?" She runs to his office door and knocks. If he isn't there, she quickly moves to the bedroom where he frequently studies. If she can't find him, she turns to look at me, with a confused and crestfallen little face.
  • Scarlett wants to do everything her Dad does. She wants to watch him shave, sit on his lap and eat exactly what he is eating, play the guitar like him, get sips of his soda pop, sit on his lap and type on the laptop just like him, etc. She follows him around all day like a little puppy, telling him "Hi!", pointing at things she wants him to see, and imitating his every move.
  • She cries when he leaves the room, puts her down, tries to hand her to me, etc. The other day I tried to take her from his arms and she started swatting at me with her little hands.
  • She is fine with me during the day, likes me to hold her, smiles, laughs and plays with me. Until.....her dad arrives home and she won't have anything to do with Mom......Poor Mom:(


Ligia said...

Cute cute cute.

Maxmomma said...

I'm so glad you posted this because Ali is beginning a similar stage! That little Scarlet is adorable and I love that she knows what she wants :).

How wonderful that she has such a good mom and dad- studies show (and I know you know this) that the healthier a girl's relationship is with her dad, the healthier her future relationships with men are later in life. I have a young woman (age 15) in my ward whose mom can try unsuccessfully all day to cheer up her gloomy mood, but the minute her dad comes home and mumbles "Hi", she just beams...